For College Reps

What are the event rules?


Who is my point of contact?

Each city site has a different site contact once you arrive. Your event registration either through Eventbrite or Strivescan should include contact information in the email. Please email info@ivyworldevents.com directly if you have any questions.

Parking/food/check-in (Day of logistics)

Please refer to the Google Doc that was emailed to you (Typically 10 days before the event) for more detailed ifnroamtion. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at info@ivyworldevents.com

For Parents, Students & Counselors

How much does the fair cost?

All of the Right Fit College Fairs are free to the community. Parents, students & counselors may register for the fair “here”

What happens to my information once I register

After you create an account on StriveScan, you will be emailed a QR code that is to be used during the fair. This code will have your name, school, contact information that you entered on the site. Once you scan your code at a respective college, the college will have access to that information and will be able to contact you directly with admissions information.

Are there volunteer opportunities?

We do partner with 1 high school for volunteer opportunities at each fair. If you are interested, have your school advisor email info@ivyworldevents.com

Do I need a ticket?

Your registration QR code will be sent to your phone before the college fair. This is needed to enter the fair if you are a student

How will colleges contact me?

College will reach out via email, text or U.S. Postal mail with information regarding admisisons.